Jennifer Blom concerts

Our new Dutch student Jennifer is playing a couple of concerts soon:25th August: "De Toverfluit" (The Magic Flute), an arrangement of Mozart's masterpiece, with the NJO Ensemble and opera company B.O.O.M.

27th August: Salon Concert. Viola da gamba, Voice (Lucas Alvarado) and Double Bass. In Leiderdorp, Elisabeth van Engelandlaan.

16th September: Dmitri Shostakovich's 5th Symphony with Valery Gergiev, by the Codarts orchestra and KC Den Haag.

Bottesini Competition Crema, Italy

Benefit Concert for the restoration of the Conservatory

José Vilaplana

Our opera colleague and former student will perform Wolfram Wagner's solo piece "Kyrie" at the official opening ceremony of the Brussels Conservatory on 26 September at 10.30. A wonderful piece, played by a very talented musician.

Chi-Chi Nwanoku

One of my absolute favorite bass players ever since i heard her at the Isle of Man Bass Convention back in 1982... A great musician, not just a "bass player". Be there.

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Wies De Boevé

Our Belgian colleague Wies de Boevé has won the ARD Bass Competition... He won First Prize as well as the Public's Prize. Heartfelt congratulations from our whole Bass Class for a wonderful performance! With Agnès Clément, our opera's harpist (who is an accomplished bassoon player as well) as a triple winner in the Harp Competition, this makes for a very happy September indeed...


Ariel Eberstein and his Sonico - Ensemble will be playing on 15 October at ARTBASE:

United Music of Brussels

This Saturday afternoon, 10 September, there will be a number of concerts all over Brussels. In shops, galleries, and public spaces.

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Duo Sweet 17 will take part in this event with 11 mini-concerts at the Taschen-Bookshop (Grand Sablon, Brussels), starting at 14.30.

Our program for Viennese Bass (gut strings) and Viola d'Amore will include our own arrangements of the complete Vanhal concerto, the Overture to Le Nozze di Figaro, some music from Super Mario, and titbits from Casadesus, Paganini, Kreisler, Japanese music... 

We'll have to split the concerto in two because we're not supposed to play longer than ten minutes at a time. But we have enough music to fill a few of the time slots with different pieces. I'll be using the Patrick Charton B-21 "Basse-Partout" bass and a couple of bows by Jérôme Gastaldo. The Viola d'Amore was made by our friend Pierre van Engeland.

Playing in the basement at the Taschen bookshop

Super Mario on Viola d'Amore and Viennese Bass


Alessio Campanozzi, one of our new students, will be performing quite a few times:

With Orchestre Toubab:

11th September: Jazz at Home (Mechelen)
22nd September: Crix café (Sint-Gillis)
7th October: Horloge du Sud (Ixelles)
28th October: Club House du CRV (Grimbergen)

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23rd October: Ferme de la Sarthe
19th November: L'Alumette
19th, 20th and 21st January: La Samaritaine

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Mexican Music

Our new student Claire-Sarah Fouché will be playing a concert with ensemble Cascabel at Café Crix, this friday:




20- 25 September 2016

Ars Mirabilis

Bass Exam Recital

...and more music from Argentina

Ariel Eberstein's new Tango projects are gaining momentum...

Argentine Music


Natacha Save will be playing Bottesini's Gran Duo for Violin and Bass, as well as two Bottesini songs, in a concert on the 20th March. Unfortunately, that day we will have an "Open Door Day" at the conservatory as well, with bass students participating (Louis will play Rossini's Bass and cello "Duetto", amongst other things) so we won't be able to hear Natacha's performance...

If you're in the neighborhood, please go and support our wonderful student. Especially since the two Songs ("Une Bouche Aimée" and "Tutto il Mondo") are seldom heard in a live concert.


À l’initiative d’Isabelle Bonesire et de Natacha Save, déjà complices dans un duo explosif, se sont rassemblés d’autres musiciens pour proposer un programme romantique sortant des sentiers battus !

Vous serez emportés par le lyrisme de Giovanni Bottesini, compositeur et musicien virtuose italien surnommé « le Paganini de la contrebasse ». De son univers, vous découvrirez deux airs pour soprano, contrebasse et piano. Vous entendrez également son célèbre Grand duo concertant pour violon, contrebasse et piano qui se révèlera plus léger, pétillant et festif. Vous resterez un instant en Italie en compagnie de Gioachino Rossini, le bon vivant surtout connu pour ses opéras, avec une délicate oeuvre pour violon et piano. Votre voyage vous conduira ensuite en France avec un Camille Saint-Saëns inattendu dans une mélodie charmante pour violon et soprano avant de conclure avec des mélodies françaises de pure beauté de Georges Bizet, Gabriel Fauré, de Reynaldo Hahn ou encore de Henri Duparc.

Dans le cadre de La Langue française en fête.
Isabelle Bonesire (violon), Natacha Save (contrebasse), Clotilde Van Dieren (soprano), Pierre Brunello (piano)
Au programme : Gioachino Rossini, Gabriel Fauré, Georges Bizet, Giovanni Bottesini, Camille Saint-Saëns...

10,00 € / 8,00 €
Une réduction de 2,00 € par concert est accordée aux élèves du Conservatoire de Huy sur présentation de leur carte d'inscription.

Monday 14 December 2015, 17h


1. Louis Ponseele 
Henry Eccles: Sonata, parts 1 and 2
Dragonetti-Nanny: Concerto, part 1

2. Charlotte Barbier 
Sergei Koussevitzky: Concerto, part 1

3. Filippe Caporali
Sergei Koussevtzky: Concerto, part 2 

Filippe Caporali: Study

4. Isaline Leloup 
Giovanni Bottesini: Concerto in b, part 1

5. Natacha Save 
Carl Ditters: Concerto nr. 2, part 1 with cadenza (Gruber)

6. Pasquale Massaro 
Giovanni Bottesini: Concerto in b, parts 1 and 2
                              Allegretto Capriccio

(Three-string bass, gut strings)


L.v. Beethoven: Recitative
G. Verdi: Otello (arr. P. Massaro)
F. Simandl: Trio on “Au Clair de la Lune” (V.F. Verrimst)
A. Piazzolla: Tango Appasionado (arr. P. Massaro)

Piano : Cécile Mangeot


Isaline and her World Music Ensemble Taxidi will play a concert at the "Cercle des Voyageurs", this sunday 6 december at 8pm. They will present their new CD album.

Le Cercle des Voyageurs
Rue des Grands Carmes 18
1000 Brussels


The Juilliard School is looking for potential double bass applicants to their Historical Performance Course for 2016. Auditions will take place at Juilliard in New York On Feb 27 - 29th, 2016 and in Paris shortly afterwards. Interested students should begin the on-line application promptly as the deadline for applications is close. I would be very grateful if you could forward this information to any students of yours or people you may know that might be interested in applying.

Here is a link to the application: 

Information about the Historical Performance Course can be found at:

In addition, the school has created a webspace about the careers of our Historical Performance alumni through our new multimedia portal, Discover Juilliard:

Robert Nairn
Distinguished Professor of Music, Penn State University
Historical Performance Faculty, The Juilliard School
Principal Bass, Handel and Haydn Society
Past President, The International Society of Bassists
Member, Alpha Fire Company
(814) 441 3463


Our student Natacha Save will take part in an opera production entitled "Verlaine au Secret".

Dans quelques jours sera créé l'opéra Verlaine au secret...

Composé par Adrien Tsilogiannis au départ du livret de Myriam Watthee-Delmotte, l'opéra fait chanter les textes écrits en prison par Verlaine, qui y découvre que la poésie est "de la musique avant toute chose".

Un avant-goût ?

La soprano Clara Inglese, qui donne sa voix à la poésie, présente le projet sur la RTBF ("L'invitation")

La librettiste Myriam Watthee-Delmotte s'entretient avec Edmond Morrel dans Espace-livres
Il reste quelques places le vendredi 20 novembre à 20h (sold out les 19 et 20).
Arsonic, Rue de Nimy, 138 - 7000 Mons.
Réservation indispensable via :

En vous souhaitant un vrai plaisir d'écoute,
pour "Lettres en Voix",
Myriam Watthee-Delmotte
Lettres en Voix :



Our friends of the unsurpassed Sperger-Trio, with Frank Wittich, one of our nicest colleagues, on Viennese Bass:

Liebe Freunde des Sperger Trios!

Wir laden herzlich ein zu einem Kammermusikabend:Trios und Divertimenti 

am Montag, den 23.11. um 19.30 Uhr

im Regensburger Naturkundemuseum

Auf dem Programm stehen drei Barytontrios, die Joseph Haydn seinerzeit für den musikliebenden und selbst Baryton spielenden Fürsten Nikolaus I. Esterházy komponierte, darunter auch ein ganz besonderes, das er seinem Dienstherrn zum Geburtstag schenkte und das er für diesen Anlass deutlich üppiger und vielfältiger anlegte als gewöhnlich.

Zum Sperger Trio mit Verena Kronseder (Baryton), Johanna Weighart (Viola) und Frank Wittich (Wiener Kontrabass) gesellt sich in diesem Konzert Ulrich Gieseke (Violine). Er wird den warm-dunklen Klang unserer tiefen Streichinstrumente um die hellen Töne seiner Violine bereichern und in wechselnden Besetzungen mit uns zwei weitere Divertimenti von frühen Klassikern musizieren: Georg Christoph Wagenseil war Musiker und Komponist am Kaiserhof in Wien, während der Böhme Johann Baptist Vanhal sich seinen Lebensunterhalt mit Auftragskompositionen und Unterrichtstätigkeit verdienen konnte und als einer der ersten selbstständigen Berufsmusiker gilt. Beide Komponisten waren zu ihrer Zeit vom Wiener Publikum und auch von ihren heute namhafteren Kollegen Haydn und Mozart hoch geschätzt.

Wir freuen uns auf einen stimmungsvollen Abend im herrlichen Saal des Naturkundemuseums.
Karten (15 €, erm. 10 €, Familien 25 €) gibt es an der Abendkasse.
Herzliche Grüße vom Sperger Trio!

Verena Kronseder
Johanna Weighart
Frank Wittich

Weiterführende Links:



Joseph Haydn (1732–1809) Barytontrio D-Dur Hob.XI:113 Adagio – Allegro di molto – Menuet. Allegretto

Georg Christoph Wagenseil (1715–1777) Sonate Nr. 6 B-Dur für Violine, Violoncello (hier: Baryton) und Bass Allegro – Larghetto – Allegro molto

Joseph Haydn (1732–1809) Barytontrio F-Dur Hob.XI:83 Adagio – Allegro – Menuet

*** PAUSE ***

Johan Baptist Vanhal (1739–1813) Divertimento G-Dur für Violine, Viola und Violone Allegro – Menuetto – Adagio – Menuetto – Allegro

Joseph Haydn (1732–1809) Barytontrio D-Dur Hob.XI:97 „Fatto per la felicissima nascita di S: Al: S: Prencipe Estorhazi“ Adagio cantabile – Menuet – Polonaise – Adagio – Menuet. Allegretto – Finale. Fuga. Presto


Pasquale Massaro, currently playing with the Monnaie Orchestra in Berlioz' "Grande Messe des Morts",  will be immersed in baroque music immediately afterwards. First with Ars Mirabilis in Brussels, then with Nathalie Stutzman in Monte-Carlo.


The ARD-Wettbewerb 2016 includes the Double Bass. Here is the program:

ARD-Musikwettbewerb 2016
Repertoire Kontrabass

Stand: 28.10.2015

A/ Vorauswahl mit Tonträger
(Preliminary Round with recording)

a) Hans Fryba, Suite im alten Stil für Kontrabass solo: zwei Sätze unterschiedlichen Charakters 

(two contrasting movements)

b) Erster und zweiter Satz aus einer der Sonaten aus dem Repertoire des zweiten Durchgangs (siehe Werkgruppe 5)
(First and second mvt. from one of the sonatas from the 2nd round  - see Nr.5 below)

B/ Erster Durchgang (max. 30 Minuten)
(First Round, max. 30 minutes)

1. Eines der folgenden Werke
(one of the following works)

Giovanni Bottesini, Grande Allegro di Concerto für Kontrabass und Klavier, e-Moll
oder Capriccio di Bravura
oder Fantasia »La Sonnambula«
Reinhold Glière, Intermezzo und Tarantella 0p. 9, Nr. 1 und 2
oder Prélude und Scherzo op. 32

2. Eines der folgenden Werke:
(one of the following works)

Elliot Carter, Figment 3
David Ellis, Sonata for unaccompanied Double Bass
Jean Françaix, Thème varié pour contrebasse
Teppo Hauta-Aho, Cadenza
Hans-Werner Henze, Serenade
oder »S. Biagio 9 Agosto Ore 12.07«
Julien-François Zbinden, Hommage à Bach

3. Eine der folgenden Sonaten von Johann Matthias Sperger:

(one of the following Sperger sonatas)

Sonate h-Moll (T36) / Sonate D-Dur (T38) / Sonate D-Dur (T39) / Sonate D-Dur (T40)

C/ Zweiter Durchgang (30 bis 40 Minuten)
(Second Round, 30 to 40 minutes)

4. Moritz Eggert
, Auftragskomposition des ARD-Musikwettbewerbs 2016 (UA)
Die Noten werden mit der Zulassung zum Wettbewerb zugesandt.
Das Auftragswerk darf von Noten gespielt werden. Es darf vor dem Wettbewerb nicht öffentlich aufgeführt werden.
(Commissioned work. The score will be sent together with the admission to the competition. This work can be played from the score. It is not allowed to play the piece in public before the competition)

5. Eine der folgenden Sonaten:
(One of the following sonatas)

Frantisek Hertl, Sonate
Tetsuo Kawami, Sonate Nr. 1
Adolf Mišek, Sonate für Kontrabass und Klavier Nr. 1 A-Dur oder Nr. 2 e-Moll oder Nr. 3 F-Dur
Karel Reiner, Sonate
Franz Schubert, Sonate »Arpeggione«

6. Johann Sebastian Bach
3. und 4. Satz aus der Gambensonate Nr. 2 D-Dur

D/ Semifinale
(mit dem Münchener Kammerorchester, ohne Dirigenten)
(with the Munich Chamber Orchestra, without conductor)

7. Eines der folgenden Konzerte:

(One of the following concertos)

Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf, Konzert Nr. 2 E-Dur

Franz Anton Hoffmeister, Konzert Nr. 1 D-Dur
Johann Matthias Sperger, Konzert Nr. 15 D-Dur
Johann Baptist Vanhal, Konzert D-Dur

E/ Finale
(Final Round)
(mit dem Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks)
(with the symphony orchestra of the Bavarian radio)

8. Eines der folgenden Konzerte:

(one of the following concertos)

Giovanni Bottesini, Konzert Nr. 2 h-Moll

Serge Koussevitzky, Konzert op. 3 fis-Moll
Nino Rota, Divertimento Concertante


International Johann-Matthias-Sperger-Competition
8.-15.5.2016 in Ludwigslust/Germany


1. Runde / First Round

A) Johann Matthias Sperger

Zwei kontrastierende Sätze aus einer der folgenden Sonaten / 
Two contrasting movements from one of following Sonatas: 

T 36 in b minor, T 38 in D major, T 39 in D major, T 40 in D major (Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag) 

B) Auftragskomposition für Solo Kontrabass von Wolfram Wagner – Noten werden 6 Wochen vor Beginn des Wettbewerbs zugeschickt
Commissioned work by Wolfram Wagner – music will be sent 6 weeks before competition

C) Zwei kontrastierende Sätze aus einem der folgenden Werke / Two contrasting movements from one of following works:

- Giovanni Bottesini Doublebass Concerto no 2 in b minor 

- Giovanni Bottesini Doublebass Concerto no 1 in f-sharp minor 

- Serge Koussevitzky Doublebass Concerto op.3 

- Adolf Misek Doublebass Sonata no 2, op. 6 

- Frank Proto Sonata 1963 for Doublebass and piano 

- Nino Rota Divertimento Concertante for Doublebass and Orchestra (piano reduction) 

- Franz Schubert Arpeggione Sonata, D.821 (Transcription) 

- Eduard Tubin Concerto for Doublebass and orchestra (piano reduction)
(Ausgaben nach eigener Wahl / Editions of free choice) 

2. Runde / Second Round

A) Johann Sebastian Bach 

Zwei kontrastierende Sätze aus einer dieser Sonaten / 
Two contrasting movements from one of following Sonatas 

- Sonata no I in G major BWV 1027 for Viola da Gamba (Transcription) 

- Sonata no II in D major BWV 1028 for Viola da Gamba (Transcription)
(Ausgaben nach eigener Wahl / editions of free choice)

B) Ein romantisches, virtuoses Wahlstück (ca 6-10 min), nur Originalwerk für Kontrabass und Klavier / 
Romantic virtuous piece of free choice (6-10 min), only original work for doublebass and piano 

C) Eines der folgenden Werke für Kontrabass Solo
One of the following pieces for doublebass Solo 

- Arni Egilsson: "European Memories"
(Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag)                                                                  
- Miloslav Gajdos: "Invocation"
(Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag)

- Stefan Schäfer: "Geh"
(Friedrich Hofmeister Verlag)

- Teppo Hauta-Aho: "Hommage a J.M.Sperger"
(Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag)                                                                     
- Giorge Makhoshvili: "Regreps"
(Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag)                                                                                     

- Peteris Vasks: "Bass Trip"
(Schott Music)  

- Julien Francois Zbinden: "Hommage à J. S. Bach"
(Edition Breitkopf)

- Jean Francaix: Thème varié (theme and 3 variations of free choice)
(Editions Max Eschig) 

3. Runde / Third Round 

Finalrunde mit Orchester / 
Final Round with orchestra 

Johann Matthias Sperger: Concerto for Doublebass and Orchestra No 16 in D major 
(Musikverlag Doblinger) 

Die letzte Runde ist auswendig zu spielen / 
Last round has to be played by heart.

Es ist nicht erlaubt, aus Kopien zu spielen / 
It's not allowed to use photocopied material.

Der deutsche Text ist bindend / 
German text is binding. 

Jury 2016

Tom Martin England

Jeff Bradetich USA

Miloslav Gajdos Tchech. Republik

Christine Hoock Österreich / Deutschland

Jun Xia Hou China

Dorin Marc Deutschland / Rumänien

Stefan Hempel Deutschland(Vorsitz)



Our friend and student Fil Caporali will be playing with Aneta and the Band at the Sazz'n'Jazz club here in Brussels, on October 31st.


Natacha Save is taking part in a wonderful children's opera, entitled "Okilélé".

Twenty children and fifteen musicians in an opera by Patrick Leterme, based on the figure of Okilélé, which was created by Claude Ponti.

More information here:


Isaline Leloup and friends will be playing Berio's music in an anniversary concert at the Istituto di Cultura Italiana on October 23rd. Not to be missed!


Season 2015/2016
The Antwerp Orchestral Academy offers students and alumni the chance to work with Edo de Waart during season 2015/2016.


Repertoire of Rachmaninov
Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no. 3 in d, op. 30Hannes Minnaar piano

2 flutes - 2 oboes - 2 clarinets - 2 bassoons - 4 horns - 2 trumpets - 3 trombones - 1 tuba - 1 timpani - 3 percussion - strings

22 February to 6 March 2016


Sunday 6 March 2016deSingel, Antwerp

Edo de Waart conductor

Rachmaninov Happening

Tuesday 13 October 2015Filharmonisch Huis, Antwerp

Auditions for violin, viola, cello, double bass, second oboe, first trombone and bass trombone

Contact +32 (0)3 213 54 08


- Concerterend werk van voor 1950

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symfonie in g, KV 550- Richard Strauss: Ein Heldenleben


Enrique "Kicho Diaz", Piazzolla's bass player

Hi Everybody, My name is Ariel Eberstein, I am starting a project around the music of one of the great Argentinian modern tango composers Eduardo Rovira… there is music of Astor Piazzolla too… 

This Friday 25th at 13.00 I am doing an open rehearsal or try-out with a new group at my home, I am going to play my own arrangement of a 10 minute piece from Piazzolla called Kicho and some 6 other pieces of Eduardo Rovira. 

It's a small space, so if you are interested to come and listen, give me a call or send a message:

0484 060 084

Musicians: Lysandre Donoso (bandoneon) Stephen Meyer (violin), Patrick de Schuyter (guitar), Ariel Eberstein (double bass) 

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