Room 273 is located in what is known as the "Kleine Zavel"- Building, just a few steps from the Main Building in the Regentschapsstraat (Rue de la RĂ©gence). The Kleine Zavel or "Petit Sablon" in french (Brussels is a bilingual city, and all street and place names have two names. Welcome to our surrealistic country!)...what was i saying? Ah, yes: the Kleine Zavel lies just across the street from the Grote Zavel. It's a very beautiful miniature park, the perfect spot for a picnic lunch in between lessons. At least when it isn't raining.

Kleine Zavel. The building in the background is where Room 273 is located.

Egmont and Horne, two important figures
in the history of Belgium

In between Grote and Kleine Zavel lies the Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-ter Zavelkerk, or the Church of our Blessed Lady of the Sablon

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